There is a Time Ordained of God Don Fortner

(Tune: #77 — Sun of My Soul — LM)

1.        There is a time ordained of God

When every sinner bought by blood,

Shall by His grace be born again,

And life, eternal life, obtain!

2.        At peace with hell, with God at war,

Children of wrath, they wander far,

Indulging every lust obscene,

Until, by grace, they’re born again.

3.        Goodness and mercy shall pursue

The chosen souls, where’er they go.

Wherever ransomed souls may stray,

God’s pricking thorns hedge up their way.

4.        Though oft in fear, they madly reel,

As drunken souls, rushing to hell;

But fear cannot the rebel sway,

Or turn him from destruction’s way. ]

5.        Yet, God’s elect shall never rove

Beyond the bounds of His great love,

Fenced by Jehovah’s shalls and wills,

Whose providence His will fulfills.

6.        And when “the time of love” has come,

                           Grace fetches ransomed sinners home,

Not by proposals, but by pow’r,

Life-giving, sov’reign, saving pow’r!