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The Word Assumed Our Flesh and Blood — Don Fortner

(Tune: #98 – I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day — LMD)


1.    From everlasting was the Word,

The Son of God and God the Son.

The Word was with God, and was God,

The Father and the Son are One.

            All things in heaven and on earth,

            By Christ our God, the Word, were made.

            From Him all creatures have their birth.

            He is the whole creationÕs Head.


2.    Behold, with awe, this mystery,

            The Word assumed our flesh and blood,

            That He might put our sins away

            And reconcile us to our God!

            Yes, God the Son, who knew no sin,

            Stooped to become a mortal man,

            That He, for us, might be made sin,

            And make atonement for our sins!


3.    We now behold, with joy, His face.

            The God-man, God the FatherÕs Son!

            How full of truth! How full of grace!

            In Him God makes His glory known!

            Behold, my soul, the love of God!

            Come, sing His praise! His goodness tell!

            Let sinners ransomed by His blood

            Give praise to Christ – Immanuel!







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