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The Wonders of Your Word I Sing — Don Fortner

(Tune: #52 — Majestic Sweetness — CM)


1.    Jesus, my God, my Friend, my King,

Whom heav’n and earth adore,

The wonders of Your word I sing,

And hope to yet know more.


2.    Your word in cov’nant undertook

To bring salvation in:

Your word upon mount Calv’ry shook

The gates of hell and sin.


3.    Your pow’rful word can intercede,

And grace Divine impart;

Can change the soul, supply its need,

And sanctify the heart.


4.    Your sov’reign word knows no control:

Its conquests none can tell:

Its triumphs reach from pole to pole,

To heaven and earth, and hell.


5.    Summoned by You, all worlds shall come,

And stand before Your throne:

Your word Your saints shall welcome home,

And bid Your foes depart.




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