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The Triune GodŐs Our Sovereign King Don Fortner

(Tune: #400 — Jesus, and Shall It Ever Be? — LM)

1.    Father, we glory in Your choice.

Savior, we in Your work rejoice.

O Holy Ghost, Your powŐr we sing. —

The Triune GodŐs our SovŐreign King!


2.    Father, itŐs in Your love we rest.

Savior, in You our souls are blessŐd.

O Holy Ghost, Your powŐr we own,

Which makes JehovahŐs glory known!


3.    The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

AdorŐd by all the heavenly host,

Is ZionŐs Triune God and King! —

Let all the Church His praises sing!







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