The Remnant Shall to God Return — Don Fortner

(Tune: #355 — From Every Stormy Wind that Blows — LM)


1.    When fearful clouds around us rise,

And mortals dare our Christ despise;

God’s remnant is His special care,

Though chased and scattered here and there.


2.    They are th’ election of His grace,

Though but a remnant of our race,

Forever dear to Jesus’ heart,

And with them He will never part.


3.    Redeemed by blood and called by grace,

At God’s appointed time of peace,

The remnant shall return to God,

All robed in white and washed in blood!


4.    The choice of His eternal love,

Shall reign with Jesus Christ above;

He calls, and conquers them by grace,

And they shall see His lovely face.









Don Fortner



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