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The Power of Redeeming LoveDon Fortner


(Tune: The Doxology — LM)


1.    Anchored I am and shall remain

In Christ the Lamb for sinners slain,

In cov’nant love He stood for me,

My Surety eternally.

2.    When heav’n and earth have fled away

God’s mercy shall unshaken stay,

For Jesus’ blood above the skies,

“Mercy, eternal mercy,” cries!

3.    When hell assails my soul I flee

To Christ Who bore God’s wrath for me;

Looking upon His wounds I say,

“No sin shall e’er be charged to me!”

4.    Though every earthly joy be gone,

And every comfort be withdrawn,

Steadfast on Christ I will rely;

Trusting God’s Son I cannot die!

5.    Though my heart fails and flesh decays,

Before God’s throne on judgment day

Holy and faultless I will prove

The power of redeeming love!




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