The New Creation the Work of GodDon Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology — LM)


1.    JehovahÕs works, my soul, survey

In heaven, earth and seas, and say,

ÒWhich of His wonders best proclaim

The powÕr and wisdom of His name?Õ


2.    Almighty, free and sovÕreign grace,

Quickens His chosen, ransomed race,

Subdues the vile, imparts the good, —

Wonder of grace performed by God!


3.    To make new creatures of His own,

Must be the work of God alone.

None but the Lord can sin control,

None but our God convert a soul!


4.    WhereÕer He has His work begun,

HeÕll never leave until itÕs done;

Though sin and Satan raise their storms,

The Holy Ghost His work performs.


5.    Believers, raise to God your songs.

To you this confidence belongs: —

God has to you His Spirit givÕn,

And He will bring you safe to heavÕn!





Don Fortner



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