The Message of the Cross

Don Fortner

(Tune: #477 When I Can Read My Title Clear --CM )



Behold the heavens, see the stars,

    And hear creation’s word; -

    “Our Maker is the mighty God,

    All-wise, the sov’reign Lord!”



Your conscience, though suppressed, declares,

    “He’s holy, just and true;”

    But there’s another word from God,

    As sweet as it is true. –



O hear the message of the cross,

    (Proclaim it far and wide!)

    God’s darling Son, the Substitute,

    For chosen sinners died!



Behold the triune God revealed,

    His brightest glory shines,

    In Christ, the God-man crucified,

    Written in crimson lines!



Mercy and truth together met

    Upon the Savior’s head;

    God’s truth and righteousness there kissed,

                            When Christ for sinners bled!