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The Loving-kindness of My God Don Fortner

(Tune: #9 — His Loving-kindness — LM)



1.    Father, my soul delights to trace,

In my Redeemer’s lovely face,

Your loving-kindness, rich and free,

From everlasting fixed on me!


2.    This is the source of all my joy,

Which hell and sin cannot destroy.

In life and death my soul shall sing

The loving-kindness of my King.


3.    I’m numbered with the chosen race;

I’m justified and saved by grace;

I’m one with Christ, an heir of bliss;

What wondrous loving-kindness this!


4.    Your loving-kindness, rich and free,

Unites me to the Holy Three;

And when this mortal life is o’er,

Your loving-kindness I’ll adore!


5.    Till then, my soul shall daily rest

Upon my great Redeemer’s breast,

And view in His atoning blood

The loving-kindness of my God!




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