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The LordŐs My Shepherd Don Fortner

(Tune: #293 — The LordŐs My Shepherd —CM)


1.    The LordŐs my Shepherd. — O my soul,

Cease from your doubts and fears!

His hand shall all my foes control,

And wipe away my tears.


2.    The LordŐs my Shepherd. — IŐll not want.

His grace is my supply,

Sufficient for my needy soul,

And I on Him rely.


3.    The LordŐs my Shepherd. —  He prepares

For me a table spread.

In pastures green my soul is found,

And He anoints my head.


4.    The LordŐs my Shepherd. — HeŐll restore

His wandŐring, straying sheep!

No evil should I ever fear. —

The Lord will keep His sheep!


5.    The LordŐs my Shepherd. — IŐll rejoice

In life and then in death.

Held in His hand, cheered by His voice,

IŐll yield to Him my breath.







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