The Lord our God Remains the SameDon Fortner

(Tune: # 118 — When I Survey —LM)


1.    Blest sons of Jacob, chosen race,

Our God, the God of sovÕreign grace,

Always perfects what He designed,

And will not, cannot change His mind.


2.    Though mountains fall, and hills remove,

And melt with heat the skies above,

Though all things tempÕral ever change, —

The Triune God remains the same!


3.    Though men their covÕnants often break,

Our God His Word will not take back;

And though His saints unfaithful prove,

He loves us with unchanging love!


4.    Though comforts come and comfort goes,

Our God no variation knows!

In joy and sorrow, bliss and pain,

The Lord our God remains the same!


5.    Be, sons of Jacob, of good cheer,

`Til sun and moon shall disappear.

Then, looking back oÕer all these things, —

WeÕll bless our God Who cannot change!





Don Fortner



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