The Lord Waits to be GraciousDon Fortner

(Tune: #24 — We Magnify Our Father God — CM)

1.    So great the love, so rich the grace

Of our eternal God.

He waits to save by sovereign grace

And efficacious blood.

2.    While His elect His grace defy,

He waits the destined hour,

Fixed by His own decree on high,

To manifest His powĠr.

3.    He waits to show His gracious name,

And make His mercy known:

He waits His lost ones to reclaim,

And gather in His own!

4.    My God, did You so wait for me,

To save me by Your grace?

Then let my life in all things be

Devoted to Your praise!

5.    The Lord waits to be gracious still,

Though clouds oft hide His face:

So wait, my soul, your SaviorĠs will

And trust Him for His grace.





Don Fortner



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