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The House of God Here Stands Don Fortner

(Tune: #23 — Come, We that Love the Lord —SM)


1.    The house of God here stands,

A witness to His name.

Here praying souls lift up their hands,

And JesusŐ love proclaim.


2.    The sovŐreign, triune God,

Jehovah meets with men!

And by the preaching of His Word

Reveals the Savior slain.


3.    `Tis here Jehovah dwells,

And here His grace reveals

To chosen sinners as He wills,

And covŐnant mercy seals!


4.    GodŐs Altar and His Priest,

His Offering and His fire,

The Paschal Lamb, the gospel feast,

What more can we desire!


5.    Christ Jesus crucified,

My Savior meets me here. —

Gazing upon His wounded side,

His pardŐning voice I hear!







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