The Great Deceiver Now Is Bound       Don Fortner

(Tune: Ready #429  CMD)

Christ Jesus came, the woman's Seed,

To crush the serpent's head,

To cast the great accuser down,

And triumph in our stead.

What Adam lost, Christ has restored

For all the chosen seed.

When He redeemed us by His blood,

Christ crushed the serpent's head.


The great deceiver now is bound.

God's elect everywhere

Shall hear and know the truth of God,

Freed from the devil's snare.

And when the gospel comes with power,

By God's almighty call,

Christ binds the strong man in their hearts

And takes them for His spoil.


The lion roars against our souls.

The dragon breathes his fire.

But he can never harm us now.

He's bound by Jesus' power!

Our Savior's kingdom must expand,

His Church must conquer yet.

When God's elect are gathered in,

We'll bruise the serpent's head!