The Gospelís Law of LibertyóDon Fortner

(Tune: #414 Ė Am I a Soldier of the Cross? -- CM )


1.The gospelís law of liberty Makes us rejoice and sing.

†††††††† Our ransomed souls, by grace set free Sing praise to Christ, our King.


2.Sweet, sweetest, liberty is thisóA yoke easy and mild!

††††††††††† Loveís burden, (Oh, how light it is!) Unknown but to a child.


3.The grace that brings eternal life Has broken Sinaiís yoke,

††††††††††† And robes the church, Christís chosen wife, With garments white as snow.


4.Our beauty given, all divine, (Christís righteousnessóGodís gift!)

Which cannot be marred by our sin, For glory makes us fit!


5.Free grace makes broken hearts rejoice! Our hearts, constrained by love,

Delight to hear our Husbandís voice, And walk with Him in love.