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The Gospel — Don Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology — LM)

1.    Our message to a ruined race,

Is sov’reign, free, eternal grace;

No other Gospel can impart

God’s peace, and comfort to the heart.

2.    But those are tidings good indeed,

Which tell me Jesus deigned to bleed,

To vanquish Satan, cancel sin,

And bring eternal glory in.

3.    The only Gospel we can own,

Sets Jesus Christ upon His throne;

Proclaims salvation full and free,

Obtained on Calvary’s curs-ed tree.

4.    The Gospel is the news from heaven,

Of grace bestowed and sins forgiven,

Redeeming blood, electing love,

Of quick’ning grace, and joys above!

5.    Lord write this Gospel in my heart,

And in its blessings give me part,

Until I see my Savior’s face,

And sing, “I’m saved by Gospel grace!”




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