The Gospel Trumpet Loudly Blow Don Fortner

(Tune: #228 — My Faith has Found a Resting Place — CMD)


1.    The gospel trumpet loudly blow,

And sound the tidings wide;

Proclaim to sinners sunk in woe, —

ďFor sinners Jesus died!Ē

Upon the cross of Calvary

He shed His precious blood;

He died to set poor sinners free,

And bring us home to God!


2.    The gospel trumpet loudly blow,

In every distant land,

That Godís elect might hear and know, —

His kingdom is at hand!

Christ Jesus slain, exalted high,

Has power to save the lost,

His soulís travail to satisfy,

Unto the uttermost!


3.    The gospel trumpet loudly blow,

And tell a fallen race, —

How Jesus drained the cup of woe

And saves by sovíreign grace,

How sinners bound with guilt and shame,

Believing, are made free!

Proclaim salvation in His name, —

The year of Jubilee!



Don Fortner



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