The Gospel Is Our Law††††

Don Fortner

(Tune: Brethren, We Have Met To worship#1587.87D)


The Gospel is the law of Christ, (Life and liberty it brings!)

Teaching helpless sinners to rest `Neath their mighty Saviorís wings

We no longer work for favor, But rest on Christ Jesusí deeds.

Trusting our almighty Savior, We are now from Moses freed!



Jesusí yoke is mild and easy, Never chafing, never hard.

Ransomed sinners strive to please Him, Not for fear nor for reward,

But because we love our Savior And delight to call Him Lord,

Seeking in all things and ever Full compliance with His Word.



He who loved us and redeemed us, By His Spirit, set us free!

Now His love and grace constrain us His most willing slaves to be.

We will not be brought in bondage With the legal, working crowd;

For weíve tasted and found gracious Christ our God. To Him we bow.