The Good Shepherd and His Sheep    


Don Fortner


(Tune: Sweet Hour of Prayer #361   LMD)


Christ Jesus is our Shepherd good,

    Who bought His chosen sheep with blood.

    So dearly bought, the sheep He chose

    The Good Shepherd shall never lose.

    Eternal life to them He gives.

    Secure within His hands they live.

    They cannot perish, no, not one,

    Since Christ and His Father are one.



Who are those sheep? Might I be one

    Of those for whom His blood atoned?

    Oh, can it be, did Jesus die

    To save a wretch so vile as I?

    Your Word declares (I know it’s true.),

    The sheep when called, Lord, follow You.

    Hearing the mighty Shepherd’s voice,

    Compelled by grace, I make my choice.



Though fallen, filthy, lost, undone,

    I look to You, Savior, alone,

    A helpless sheep, without one plea,

    Except the Shepherd died for me!

  Thus the Good Shepherd owns His sheep,

    And gives assurance He will keep

    In life, and faith, and grace each one

    Who by His grace trusts Him alone.