The Glory Of Immanuel                  


Don Fortner


(Tune: From Every Stormy Wind That Blows # 355     LM))



In the beginning was the Word. With God He was. The Word was God.

      Our Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord, Though man is the eternal God.



By His own pow’r all things were made. All things are upheld by His hand.

      Christ is the whole creation’s Head. All things submit to His command.



Before man sinned, or Satan fell, Christ as our Surety appeared!

      (His generation who can tell, Or count the number of His years?)



Yet, God the Son, (Image of God!), Descends to earth in flesh and blood,

      Not for Himself but for our good, To reconcile us to our God.



Sinners on earth behold His face, Incarnate God come to atone!

      He’s full of truth and full of grace, A man like us, but God the Son!



Let sinners ransomed by His blood Proclaim His grace to all and tell

      Of full salvation through His blood - The glory of Immanuel!