The Cross Shall All My Glory Be! Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 When I Can Read My Title Clear CM )


1.        All praise to Christ, the One Who died,

A curse upon the cross!

Yes, glory in the Crucified;

For Him count all things loss.


2.        He took our sin and guilt away

When He made it His own.

The debt we owed, He fully paid,

And for our sins atoned.


3.        The cross shall all my glory be!

It lifts my spirit up;

And, chasing doubts and fears away,

Makes sweet each bitter cup.


4.        The Lamb Who died sinners to save,

The cross (O blessed sight!)

Takes dread and terror from the grave,

And makes the deathbed bright.


5.        Christ crucified removes all woe,

And measures boundless love!

He is our Refuge here below,

Our Joy in Heaven above!