The Brightness of His Glory — Don Fortner

(Tune: #400 — Jesus, and Shall it Ever Be? — LM)


1.     ThereÕs not a ray of glory known,

Around the great JehovahÕs throne,

Which our Redeemer does not wear,

Proclaiming His own Godhead there.


2.     The FatherÕs glories, all Divine,

In Christ the Mediator shine —

The image of the unseen God

Is Christ Who bought us with His blood!


3.     All powÕr and wisdom, love and grace,

Shine brightly in ImmanuelÕs face;

All glorious in the FatherÕs view, —

The brightness of His glory too!


4.     The fullness of the Godhead dwells

In Him — and heavenÕs anthem swells,

With hallelujahs to the Lamb,

The Son of God, the great IAM!









Don Fortner



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