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The Bread of LifeDon Fortner

(Tune: #118 — When I Survey —LM)


1.    Poor, starving souls, trying to feed

On husks that cannot meet your need,

Behold, the gospel table spread—

Christ Jesus is the Living Bread!


2.    This Bread, which money cannot buy,

Will life impart and life supply.

It fills the hungry with delight,

And never spoils your appetite.


3.    This Bread of Life comes down from heavÕn,

By sovÕreign grace, itÕs freely givÕn.

This food and medicine to saints

Revives the weary and the faint.


4.    This Bread the carnal cannot taste;

But heavÕn-born souls upon it feast.

Feasting, we feast, and crave still more,

To eat and live for evermore.







Don Fortner








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