The Brazen SerpentDon Fortner

(Tune: #118 — When I Survey — LM)


1.    Uplifted at the LordŐs command,

Behold the brazen serpent stand,

That IsraelŐs tribes may look and live,

And glory to Jehovah give.


2.    Thus Christ was preachŐd to JacobŐs race,

Thus guilty sinners taste His grace:

One look at Jesus crucified,

Makes all the pains of guilt subside.


3.    Lift up the Savior, lift Him high: —

Tell sinners they can never die

Who look by faith to Christ alone!

He loves them and HeŐs on His throne!


4.    Oft as I feel the serpentŐs bite,

My bleeding Savior kept in sight,

Heals all my wounds and gives me peace,

Assuring me of life and grace!









Don Fortner



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