The Babe of Bethlehem Behold


Don Fortner


(Tune: Joy To The World #87CM)



Let all the ransomed of the Lord

Lift up their voice and sing!

Come, celebrate with one accord

The birth of Christ our King.



The babe of Bethlehem behold -

Incarnate Deity!

The virginís child is yet her Lord,

A man, yet God is He! </P>



In swaddling clothes the God-man view!

Do not despise His form.

The womanís Seed shall hell subdue.

Thatís why this child was born.



The crowded inn, like sinnersí breasts

For Jesus had no room.

So in the stableís crib, with beasts,

Is laid the child, Godís Son!



Godís holy angels fill the skies

And sing Immanuelís praise!

The shepherds and the men called wise

At His feet treasures place.



God in the flesh was manifest;

And He for sin atoned!

Immanuel, God in the flesh,

In heaven is enthroned!