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The Ark Jehovah Gave Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 — When I can Read My Title Clear  — CM)



1.    When God the world destroyed by flood,

He saved His chosen race,

Within the ark of gopher wood: —

An act of sov’reign grace.


2.    That ark, Christ Jesus typified, —

The Ark Jehovah gave,

In whom believing sinners hide,

Secure from ev’ry wave.


3.    Nothing and no one can destroy

Those souls in Jesus found:

God’s Angel, with eternal joy,

Compasses them around!


4.    Brought in by sweet constraining grace,

Shut in by cov’nant love,

Saved from the wreck of Adam’s race,

We feast on things above!


5.    Then, when the waters are assuaged,

God’s favored ones shall sing,

Through all eternity engaged

With Christ our God and King!




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