Teach Us To Love And Show That Love   Don Fortner

(Tune: #52 Majestic Sweetness  -- CM)

1.       Our God, we look to You for grace,

       To keep the bond of peace;

       Unite our hearts to fear Your name,

       And keep the bond of peace.


2.       As we behold Your matchless love,

       Tear all dividers down;

       Teach us to love and show that love,

       Which makes poor sinners one.


3.       Each heart unite. Each soul endear.

       Each stumbling-block remove.

       Come spread Your banner of love here,

       Unite our hearts in love.


4.       Give us the mind of Christ, our Lord,

       Patient, forgiving, kind,

       Your grace ruling each thought and word,

       And to offenses blind.


5.       Let us each for the other care,

       And live not for ourselves,

       But gladly others’ burdens bear, --

       Seek nothing for ourselves.


Don Fortner