Don Fortner


(Tune: Take Time To Be Holy  #376  65.65.D)


Trust Christ to be holy – His life and His blood!

Trust nothing that you do to satisfy God.

Take Christ as Your Savior, and be just with God.

There's perfect atonement in Jesus' shed blood.


Trust Christ to be holy. Then seek by His grace

To follow your Savior in His holiness.

Show kindness and mercy to sinners and saints,

As God, our great Father, sends sunshine and rain.


Trust Christ to be holy. He will be your Guide.

In joy and in sorrow, He'll be at Your side.

At all times acknowledge that Christ is your Lord;

Surrender to His will and follow His Word.


Trust Christ to be holy and honor His name.

Live for your great Savior and magnify Him.

Christ is our Redemption and Righteousness, too.

So let us exalt Him in all that we do!