TREMBLE BEFORE THE WORD††††††††††††††††††††††


Don Fortner


(Tune: Stand Up And Bless The Lord†† #33SM)


Believer, would you thrive In grace to know the Lord?

Then ask Him Who made you alive

To guide you by His Word.


Revere the sacred page. Treasure itsí every part.

Ask God to sanctify each page

Unto your needy heart.


Should dark things there appear, It is for lack of light.

No imperfections can be there.

Godís Word is truth and light.


Tremble before the Word By which God speaks to men.

Behold, the dwelling place of God

Is with such trembling men!


The pages of Godís Word All proclaim one great theme -

Redemption by the Saviorís blood,

Salvation through His name!