Don Fortner


(Tune:  And Can It Be #44 LMD)


Sinners, redeemed and saved by grace,

We gladly sing our Savior's praise,

Whose grace unchanging, like His name,

Remains eternally the same.

Chosen of old, by God approved,

Eternally in Christ beloved,

We were adopted children made,

Before the worlds our Father made.


Though sin and guilt defile us here,

In Christ complete we yet appear.

All that the law of God demands

Was satisfied by Jesus' hands.

Christ Jesus lived and died for us.

Our God imputes His work to us.

His blood atoned for His elect.

His righteousness makes us perfect.


In Christ our Father sees us all

Perfect before His holy law.

Perfection, then, in Christ we view,

Believing Him, we're perfect too!

Let every ransomed soul rejoice,

The favored object of God's choice.

Chosen, redeemed and saved by grace,

To Christ, our Savior, be all praise!