Don Fortner


(Tune: Thereís Wideness in Godís Mercy #444††† 87.87)


Thereís a wideness in Godís mercy

†††††† Like the wideness of the sea,

†††††† Love and grace, eternal, boundless,

†††††† Sets poor, guilty sinners free.


For the good there is no mercy.

†††††† For the righteous thereís no grace;

†††††† But to sinners, poor and needy,

†††††† God in Christ gives life and peace!


Do you need a Mediator?

†††††† Are you guilty? Are you lost?

†††††† Do you need a mighty Savior?

†††††† Christ alone must be your trust.


Not your feelings, Christís obedíence,

†††††† Not your works, but Jesusí blood,

†††††† Can appease your guilty conscience

†††††† And give blessed peace with God.


Come to Jesus, come and welcome,

†††††† Trust the Savior crucified;

†††††† And go on your way rejoicing

†††††† Saved, forgiven, justified!