Don Fortner

(Tune: From Every Stormy Wind That Blows   #355  LM)


There is an hour known to God

When all His sheep, redeemed by blood,

Shall by almighty grace be called

And brought into the Shepherd’s fold.


In league with hell, at war with God,

They run along destruction’s road,

Give vent to every lust unclean,

And stray as far as lost sheep can.


But grace pursues the wand’ring sheep

And everywhere protects their feet.

Glory to God, they shall not rove

Beyond His everlasting love!


They will not come. They will not bow.

They will not heed the gospel call.

But still God’s purpose moves along.

His “shalls” and “wills” He will have done.


He brings His chosen to the place,

At the hour ordained for peace

Not to propose, but save by grace,

And works the wonders of His grace.


The heart that would not bow will melt

When God’s almighty touch is felt.

The will, like clay, the Potter molds,

And bring His sheep into His fold!