Don Fortner


There is a struggle in my soul,

A warfare in my breast

My sinful flesh strives for control

And never lets me rest.

My best works all are marred by sin,

My goodness is defiled:

My righteousness is only sin,

My thoughts with sin run wild.


In my flesh there is nothing good,

Only my wretched sin:

I cannot do the things I would,

I cannot cease from sin.

But in my inmost soul, I know,

I love God's holy law,

Abhor myself and all I do-

My sin is my soul's gall.


O wretched, wretched man I am!

Who shall deliver me?

The blood of Jesus Christ the Lamb

Alone can set me free!

O God, be merciful to me!

I am a wretch undone.

O God, be merciful to me!

I trust Your holy Son.


I am from condemnation free,

Through Jesus Christ, my Lord,

And live in hope of that great day

When I shall see my God:

Then I from all sin shall be free

And enter into rest:

Soon I shall gain the victory,

And be forever blessed!


(Tune: It Came upon a Midnight Clear)

Common Meter Double 86.86.D