“THE TIME IS SHORT”                                    

Don Fortner

(Tune: Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone   #342  CM)


 “The time is short”  `til we depart,

Each one, to meet the Lord.

We all must give a strict account

Before the bar of God!


 “The time is short,”  and none can tell

How few his days may be -

One day so strong, the next cut down

To face eternity!


 “The time is short.” Sinner, beware!

Sit down and count the cost.

Oh, flee to Christ or lose your soul,

And be forever lost.


 “The time is short.” Let us rejoice

Whose Savior soon will come.

Soon we shall hear our Bridegroom’s voice,

And He will take us home!


 “The time is short” `til time shall cease,

Sickness, sorrow, and pain!

Yes, death shall die, and we with Christ

For ever more shall reign!