Don Fortner


(Tune:  It Came Upon The Midnight Clear #90 CMD)


      The Son of God has come to earth,

      And Jesus is His name,

      To save a chosen race from sin,

      In flesh and blood He came.

      He passed the fallen angels by

      And many fallen men;

      But for His own elect He died

      And took away our sin.


      And now the Man who is our God

      Is seated on His throne:

      Christ rules all things with sov'reign pow'r

      To save His chosen ones.

      Oh, how we ought to praise our Lord,

      For all His matchless grace!

      Chosen, redeemed and called by Him,

      Christ well deserves our praise!


      The angels must astonished be

      That we, who know Christ's love,

      Could ever cold and thankless be,

      And so indiff'rent prove!

      That coldness makes us blush with shame -

      Forgive us, Lord, this fault:

      Savior, inflame our hearts with love

      And fill our every thought.


      Soon, soon, we shall be freed from sin,

      O hasten, Lord, the day!

      We will at last the victory win,

      Darkness will pass away!

      Our God in human flesh we'll see

      (Our Savior glorified!)

      With perfect heart and perfect voice,

      We'll praise Christ crucified!