Don Fortner


(Tune: Sweet Hour Of Prayer  #361 LM)


The more I know of Christ, my Lord,

The more I see my need of Him;

There's nothing in my flesh that's good;

My only hope is Christ the Lamb.

Nothing I do, or say, or feel

Can recommend my soul to God;

My very best is sinful still

And must be cleansed in Jesus' blood.


If I should grow in faith, I know

My faith is but the gift of grace;

Should I some love to others show,

To Christ alone that love I trace.

If I could nearer get to God

And truly worship at His throne,

I'd plead the merits of Christ's blood

And all that He for me has done.


Lord Jesus, Savior, I confess

My utter, wretched sinfulness;

I have no hope, I have no peace,

But through Your blood and righteousness!

Upon the footing of Your blood

And Your imputed righteousness

I stand accepted with my God,

A sinner saved by sovereign grace!