Don Fortner


(Tune:  The Church's One Foundation #l86  76.76D)


            The Lord Himself is calling,

            He's calling unto you:

            He bids you, weary sinner,

            Believe His Word, it's true:

            There's pardon and forgiveness

            Through Jesus' precious blood,

            For ev'ry guilty sinner,

            Who trusts the Lamb of God.


            The Son of God uplifted

            Upon the cursed tree,

            Is able by His merit

            To set you, sinner, free:

            Look, sinner, look to Jesus,

            He'll give you eyes to see -

            His blood for sin's atonement,

            He shed at Calvary.


            Repent, believe in Jesus,

            Confess your sin to Him;

            He is the Friend of sinners;

            Come, cast your soul on Him:

            Oh, trust the blessed Savior;

            Come, bow before His throne:

            The moment you believe Him,

            Your burden will be gone!


            Your guilt and condemnation,

            God will by grace remove;

            Christ's righteousness He'll give you,

            And show His sov'reign love:

            Yes, ev'ry guilty sinner,

            Who trusts His saving grace,

            The Son of God has promised

            In mercy to embrace.