Don Fortner


The God-Man, Who for sinners died

And bore the wrath of God,

Is now enthroned in heaven high,

Triumphant by His blood.

Christ governs everywhere by right,

With wise, unerring skill:

His friends by grace, His foes by might,

Obey His sovereign will.

Angels and spirits now made just

Praise Him in heav'n above;

And ransomed sinners on the earth

Admire His grace and love.

Though tempted, tried and troubled here,

Christ is our Hiding Place:

We flee to our almighty Friend,

Who shelters us with grace.


Christ is our glorious, sovereign King,

Our Savior and our Friend;

His love preserves us in the way,

And crowns us in the end.

Soon we shall join that blood-washed throng,

To sing our Savior's praise,

Cast down our crowns at Jesus' feet

And shout, "We're saved by grace!"


(Tune: My Faith Has Found a Resting Place)

Common Meter Double 86.86.D