Don Fortner


Behold this wondrous mystery,

The God, Who cannot change,

Takes on Himself a robe of flesh,

Yet, He the same remains!

The Babe of Mary's tender love

Is God who gives her breath,

The Man who died on Calvary's tree

Is God even in death!


The sinner's Substitute must be

Both God and man in One,

For God could never suffer death,

Nor could a man atone:

But He who is both God and man

A full salvation brings,

He brought in perfect righteousness

And washed away our sins!


That same eternal, changeless God,

A Man in heaven reigns:

The God-man rules upon His throne

Sov'reign over all things:

He reigns eternal life to give

To all His chosen ones;

And all who trust in Him alone

God will receive as sons.


Incarnate God we worship You,

And bring to You our praise:

We trust Your blood and righteousness,

And look to You for grace.

Preserve us by Your power Divine,

And hold us in Your hand,

Until we see You face to face

In heaven's glory-land.


(Tune: America the Beautiful)

Common Meter Double 86.96.D