Don Fortner


God, the Father and the Son

And the Spirit, Three in One,

In eternal ages past

Made a covenant sure and fast.

God my Father chose His own

In the Person of His Son;

And ordained that I should be

One with Him eternally.


God the Son agreed to come

In the flesh to bring me home:

He would keep God's holy law

And retrieve me from the fall.

Christ in love so willingly,

Stood as my great Surety:

For my price He offered blood,

To appease the wrath of God.


God the Spirit, heav'nly Dove,

Promised to come down in love,

Bringing life and peace and grace

To the chosen, purchased race.

He seeks the lost, heals the lame,

And He brings us to the Lamb,

By His mighty, sovereign call,

God's elect are gathered, all.


This poor sinner is secure,

For God's covenant will endure:

It is sealed by God's own Word,

By His Spirit and His blood.

Blessed, holy, covenant God,

I am yours by ties of blood:

Ties of grace and ties of love

Hold me to my God above.


(Tune: Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide)

77.77. Double