Don Fortner


God gave His holy, inspired Word

For only one great end,

The prophets and apostles too

Reveal the sinner's Friend.


The Bible is a Book of Christ,

It only speaks of Him:

On every page it shows us Christ,

It only speaks of Him.


The prophecies of old record

God's wondrous, mighty deeds:

Those deeds of power and of grace

Set forth the woman's Seed.


The prophets all reveal our Lord,

As Prophet, Priest and King:

The types the great redemption show,

Christ's blood and grace now bring.


"Behold the Lamb!" the Baptist said,

The sin-atoning One:

As it was promised long before,

God's Son as man has come!


Our Substitute obeyed the law,

Then died and rose again:

And in His Word our Savior said,

"Rejoice! I come again!"


(Tune: My Faith Has Found a Resting Place)

Common Meter with Refrain 86.86.D