Don Fortner


(Tune: This Is My Father's World  #39 SMD)


Thanksgiving to our God,

We bring with hearts of praise,

For all the wondrous things You've done,

For mercy, love and grace!

You, from our mothers' womb,

Have carried us along,

And promised through old age that You

Will not forsake Your own!


Thanksgiving to our God,

The mighty Three in One,

The Father, and the Spirit, and

Christ Jesus, God the Son!

The Triune God we praise

For all His works of grace;

Chosen, redeemed, and called, we are

Trophies of sov'reign grace!


Thanksgiving to our God!

With hearts and voices too,

As ransomed sinners saved by grace,

We give our God His due!

While in this world we live,

Let us live for our God,

And may our dying breath express

Thanksgiving to our God!