Don Fortner


(Tune: Brethren, We Have Met To Worship #15 87.87D)


Thanks to God for His salvation,

Sprung from free, electing love!

Hope is built on this foundation -

God chose us in sov'reign love.

He predestinated sinners

To be conformed to His Son;

Lift your voices, chosen sinners,

Give all praise to God alone!


Thanks to Christ for full redemption!

God the Son, the Lamb of God,

By His blood purchased salvation,

Paying all our debt to God.

Jesus satisfied God's justice,

And He purged away our sins.

Now before our God we're righteous,

Freed from sin and all its stains!


Thanks to God the Holy Spirit,

(Irresistible His call!)

We were dead, but did not know it,

Lost and ruined by Adam's fall,

When the Spirit came in power,

Gave us life in Christ and faith!

In that blessed, saving hour

He delivered us from death!