Don Fortner


 (Tune: And Can It Be?  #44 LMD)


Though I was born a rebel lost,

Incapable of one good thought,

My God from all eternity

In sov'reign love had chosen me.

Though I the rebel's path pursued,

This rebel was by grace pursued;

Grace would not let me have my will,

Grace would not let me go to hell!


Grace stopped me in my wayward path,

And snatched me from the jaws of death;

Revealed Christ Jesus, God's dear Son,

And what for sinners He has done.

Grace gave me faith in Christ who died,

Who in my place was crucified.

Redeemed I am and justified,

Preserved by grace and sanctified!


Thank God, there is a cov'nant sure,

A covenant that must endure,

Established in eternity

To bring God's saving grace to me,

Once ratified by Jesus' blood,

It's sealed by the Spirit of God!

I'm saved by cov'nant grace in Christ,

An heir of God, joint-heir with Christ!