Don Fortner


Teach me Your will, Lord! Teach me Your will!

Whatever it is, Father, reveal:

That which You've chosen, I want alone;

Not my will, Father, Your will be done.

My heart, my life, and all that I own,

Savior, I lay it all at Your throne:

Broken o'er sin, and forgiven too,

My Lord, I gladly give all to You.


Spirit of God, take control of me

Subdue my flesh, and rule within me:

Fill me with strength, and wisdom and grace,

That I may live on earth for God's praise.


Show me the path, Lord, that's best for me

To serve Your cause and magnify Thee:

Graciously force me, make me obey,

Order my steps to walk in Your way.


(Tune: Have Thine Own Way,