Don Fortner


I bend my knees and bow my head,

And shut my eyes to all without;

But still my heart, so cold and dead,

Is full of sin and fear and doubt.


I say the words I ought to say,

Confess my sin, and long for Thee;

But still, I fear, I seldom pray:

Teach me to pray, O Lord, teach me.


Cause me to know Your grace and pow'r,

Spirit of God, awake my heart,

Within my soul create a prayer:

Give me, O Lord, a fervent heart


Here at Your throne of grace I lie,

Trusting the merits of Your Son;

"Father, Abba, Father," I cry,

And hope that I am heaven born.


"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,"

These things, with earnest heart, I say:

My only hope is in Your Son:

But still, I ask, "Teach me to pray."


(Tune: Jesus and Shall It Ever Be?)

Long Meter 88.88.