Spirit of God, Come Down TodayDon Fortner

(Tune: #414—Am I A Soldier Of The Cross?—CM)


1.      Spirit of God, come down today,

Show us the things of God.

      Make known God’s rich salvation free

      Through Christ’s atoning blood.


2.      Give us the grace we need, we pray,

To worship Christ our Lord;

      O, take all carnal care away,

      And breathe on us Your Word!


3.      O, grant us grace to know and feel

Our int’rest in the blood,

      And cry, with joy unspeakable—

      “This is the Lord, our God!”


4.      Make chosen sinners here to know

God’s sin-atoning Lamb—

Descend, awake the dead, and show

      Salvation in His name!


5.      O Holy Spirit, fill this place;

Control our every thought!

      Lift high this day the God of grace

      In souls so dearly bought!