Don Fortner


(Tune: I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say  #225 CMD)


O blessed Sun of Righteousness,

Arise, spread forth Thy wings,

Dispel the darkness of my soul,

The death I feel within!

I try, but cannot lift myself,

Or cheer my troubled heart.

Spirit of God, Jesus reveal,

Fresh grace to me impart!


The bones that You have broken, Lord,

The wounds that You have made,

No hand but Yours can heal again;

Father, behold my need!

This darkness, that o'erwhelms my soul,

Is caused by my own sin;

The fault is mine! Purge me with blood,

Restore and make me clean!


Helpless, I wait for grace, my God,

In pity look on me;

Your covenant remember, Lord,

Revive and set me free!

O blessed Sun of Righteousness,

Send forth the healing ray,

Arise within my gloomy soul,

Bathe me in light today!