Don Fortner


Wretched, lost, condemned and dying,

Guilty, I deserved God's wrath:

Long I fought against my Master,

Hell-bent, I was courting death:

But the blood of Christ had bought me,

He refused to let me die:

This poor sinner, loved by Jesus,

Must be conquered, by and by.

At the time which was predestined

In the covenant of God's grace,

God in mercy sent His Spirit,

(Blessed time of love and grace!)

To reveal His Son's great merit

As the sinner's Substitute:

I saw Jesus bleeding, dying,

Suffering as my Substitute!


Precious blood for sin's atonement,

Justice could not ask for more:

I heard Christ cry, "It is finished!"

And I could resist no more:

Thanks to God for intervening

Grace that broke my stubborn will,

Grace that would not let me perish,

Grace that rescued me from hell!


Sovereign grace, I will proclaim it,

Irresistible and free!

Grace that chose me and redeemed me-

God by grace alone saved me!

Sinner, now you've heard my story,

Now I bid you, trust my God:

Christ, my all-sufficient Savior,

Saves poor sinners by His blood.


(Tune: What a Friend We Have in Jesus)

87.87. Double