Don Fortner


The Lord our God is sov'reign and

THe rules with perfect ease:

In heav'n above and earth below

He works His wise decrees:

The angels swiftly do His will,

And they with willing minds;

But Satan, men and demons, too

Accomplish God's designs.

All things that ever come to pass

God foreordained to be,

And all He rules, or overrules,

To get Himself glory:

God's even chosen to redeem

And save some of our race,

Though we are sinful, wretched worms,

To magnify His grace.


God's grace comes not by man's "free-will,"

Nor by his legal works:

God gives His grace to whom He will,

And His salvation works:

We all deserve eternal wrath,

And some God does pass by;

But some He has decreed to save,

And they shall never die!


Great God, we praise You for Your grace

And for Your sovereignty:

You chose us and redeemed us, too,

And You have set us free!

Great Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

The triune God we praise!

We, for the glory of Your grace,

Give You alone all praise.


(Tune:It Came upon a Midnight Clear)

Common Meter Double 96.86.D